What It Feels Like has been inventively created using special boxes that present animation in a unique style similar to the way a flipbook works.


Inside the boxes are a spindle. Attached to this spindle are 24 little cards. A motor turns the spindle and the animation can be seen as the cards turn.

What It Feels Like from Steven Fraser on Vimeo.


A sequence of images is drawn on each card and when the cards move they present a 24 frame animation style.

The materials used to draw on the cards includes pens, pencils, paint, markers and sticker paper. The drawings are planned out first and then drawn on sticker paper. These stickers are cut out and stuck onto the cards. This allows the animation to be prepared and outlined so it will work when put into the box.

For What It Feels Like we decided to use these flipbooks/boxes as they can be filmed in real world locations and can show a connection to people. In our short documentary we see people holding the boxes and this creates a special connection between the people and the animation.


Below is a video of some test footage of the flipbooks in actions.

These flipbooks have been previously employed in various inventive and exciting ways, including the brilliant theatre work by the award winning company Do It Theatre. These theatre makers have utilised they flipbooks in art installations and props in their plays.